Friday, March 31, 2017

Man, Tommy, what's with all of these baseball jokes.

I'm not much of a sports guy. It's true. I'm not against sports, I'm normally not interested in them. However, I do like baseball. While I was in my teens, twenties, and a piece of my early thirties, I was into hockey. When I went to U of A, I loved attending the few Ice Cats games that I was able to get to. In the NHL, I was primarily a fan of the Coyotes and the Devils.

But, then I got a good look into baseball. Arizona finally got it's own MLB team around 1997, the Diamondbacks. And, their uniforms were purple! PURPLE! (It's my favorite color) Five years later, they won the world series. However, it was many years later, when my family attended an opening day D-Backs game to celebrate my dad's birthday. That's when I really became a fan. I don't know why it all hit my senses the right way at the right time, but it did. I had attended sports games of numerous types at numerous levels before, but that experience just filled me with joy. The colors, the weird music, the scoreboard animations, the food, the lemonade, the merch, the overall branding, the sound of the announcer's voice, the sight of families being happy together, people celebrating. "This is art, this is theatre", I thought. And, I was right. It's entertainment.

That season or the season after, my dad bought a giant package of tickets. I, and many friends and family got to attend numerous D-Backs games. Win or lose, it was always a fun party. Baseball is relaxed, unlike hockey. I'm more relaxed than I was in my youth, go figure. So, I appreciate a sport where I can get up, buy a churro, and not miss much.

I know that the D-Backs aren't much to speak of these days, but the spectacle of it all is a grand display of athleticism, design, organ music, and artery clogging snacks.

Baseball, it's my game of choice.

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PS- The NY Yankees and Mets are cool too.