Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fred in my most auto-biographical comic yet!

Sorry Miouo! I'm not sure Naver (the company that owns Webtoons) would like the creators placing the fully finished comics on our blogs. Some do, and people even pirate the comics, but since I'm in their funhouse, I want to give them their due respect. So, since they have us make thumbnails, I'll put them to use here.

And, I will use this blog to go into depth on the comics. As stupid as Fred can be, there are reasons why I write the things that I write.

OOps! I forgot to color the area near Fred's thumb! Check out the comic and my doofus mistake. The link is up top.

Now, in real life, my wonderful wife LOVES shopping for greeting cards. It's adorable, she has a filing system and a list of up-coming birthdays, holidays and events. My family is more goofball than hers, so she sends me down the aisles with the more crass cards when we go shopping. She always choses sweet, tastefully designed cards for her family. She has fond memories of shopping at Hallmark with her mother when she was a little one. It's so cute, she has the Hallmark frequent shopper membership thingy.

That's the balance of life. She's sweet and I'm a goofball, somehow our life circles meet in a Venn Diagram.

I love her, she's wonderful. And, I love jokes involving butts.