Friday, April 7, 2017

We've featured Fred in some Dr. Zombie Themed Cartoons- Why?

Check out the cartoons at the below links...

This week on we featured a week's worth of Fred the Mustard Packet's comics to the theme of the might monster movie show host.

My Dr. Zombie character was first created to serve that purpose. In 2009, I noticed that Phoenix had a hole in the entertainment market. There were no active monster movie hosts. So, the wonderful folks at the Trunk Space indulged me in filling that hole.

Dr. Zombie was born October 31, 2009 at the old Trunk Space with a hilarious screening of Plan 9 From Outer Space. Many more monster movie screenings occurred with Dr. Zombie at the Trunk Space and other fine venues. We had costume contests, acting contests, pumpkin carving contests, and sensational musical guests like The Slow Poisoner and Space-Alien Donald. In 2011, Dr. Zombie even got one of those Best of Phoenix Awards from The Phoenix New Times for Best Horror Movie Show.

Come on, local Phoenix TV! You could've had me! I would have brought in about a dozen viewers every week! That's money in the bank.

Then, in 2012, another person came in to help fill the monster movie host void. And... well... he did a better job than me, and continues to do so. One of my good friends was bitter for me, but I'm actually not. The man who does the monster movie hosting now loves it more than I ever did. He is film through and though, 100%.

However, I'm many things, comic books, puppets, improv shows, stand up comedy, etc. I've managed to bring Dr. Zombie and his sci-fi/ horror antics into multiple outlets.

In October of 2016 we did do one last film screening, we did it in a Super Saver Cinema. It was perfect. Thanks to everyone who attended that show.

Remember, Dr. Zombie isn't gone. He's just undead, and he's doing monstrous loads of other things! In fact, to support him, you can buy his Kindle Comic Book and his card game right now. Join in the fun!

Below is the link to the card game...

Below you will find the link for the Kindle comic...

Hey, would you like to see one of those improv shows. Click the link below!

Thank you all for the support you've given to me and all of my creative projects. Thank you for reading this and being opening to new entertaining adventures.

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