Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Comics the Haldi Way- Part 3

The journey for a great page 18 continues. I sent in the blue lines from last time. Kyle then sent me his editorial notes. Now, the person that I originally drew as bald has changed greatly. We recently found a source that showed us exactly what this guy looks like. He has hair, facial hair, glasses, and a little more heft. So, overall, since this is an auto-biographical piece, I changed that person's look to match reality better.

In panel one, the note was to change the hand of Scott to be holding the box of candy. On my own, I changed the couch and table a tad to make myself happy and more accurate to the film.

In panel two, the note was to changes Kyle's head to three-quarters and to shrink the framed pictures on the mantle.

In panel three, the note was to stack the people in the background and to make the background itself more clear. I had fun with this one. I checked out some Silver Age Marvel Comics to see how those artists stacked people and stole some of their ideas. I threw in a few more familiar faces, a lot of the film's cast is in this panel now. I raised the wall. I also drew in the door that people walk through to get onto the roof of the building. That doorway is a very familiar sight in the film so it was fun to add it in there.

Now, I just wrote this thing as if people are in the know. If you do not know what this is about, now you'll know. This is me chronicling the journey that we take creating a page for an issue of My Big Break. Philip Haldiman is the writer and it is his comic book auto-biography of his experience in Hollywood filming the cult-classic-so-bad-it's-good-film The Room. If you didn't know already, Phil played Denny.

For these features, I'm setting aside the main Fred the Mustard Packet story to tell the story of page 18 of issue 4 of My Big Break. It makes YOU want to draw a real life story comic book, now doesn't it???!?!??? I hope you will learn something.

The above links will send you to the other installments of "How to Draw Comics the Haldi Way".

PS- Boy my Rob Liefeld cartoon from two years back sure shot up in views. Holy Moses on a Pig Farm! My friends on Twitter know about it.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to Draw Comics the Haldi Way- Part 2

So, this week instead of another Fred page we are going to return to "How to Draw Comics the Haldi Way".

In this installment, I'm showing you the first pass at blue line pencils. This part of the process requires the page to be drawn in Non-Photo Blue Pencil. This makes for easy corrections and easier pencil work down the line. The lines and marks made by a Non-Photo Blue Pencil will not be scanned by a copier or scanner if it is set to work with pure black and white. However, it can be seen when photographed or copied when the machine is set to color.

This allows for me to do less erasing down the line. There is less smearing and smudging with the actual graphite pencils, because I probably will not use the eraser much or at all by the time I do the graphite pencils. The blue lines erase nicer and the stray blue lines can stay on the page with the graphite lines, because the scanners will only read the graphite art.

This is where I layout the page on a larger surface. Kyle tells me to focus on the three P's: Perspective, Proportion, and Personality. I take the layout ideas from the thumbnail, slightly improve them if I can, and draw out what I think the final page should look like. It should be noted that the blue line art will have a little less detail than the final pencils because I want to save time. No doubt there will be things that need to be fixed, it's only a first pass.

So, here is the blue line work for page 18 of issue 4 of My Big Break.

A lot of the guess work was already taken out of the equation in the thumbnail process. It is still a 3 panel page. Panels 2 and 3 are mostly the way they are in the thumbnail. I did a perspective shift in panel 1 though. I just felt that "flipping the camera" would tell the story with better clarity. Also, the thumbnail did not have much of a background in panel 3. So, in that panel, I placed them on the roof of the condo complex. I made a little note off to the side for Kyle telling him that I envision a green screen set up to be a part of the background. I made that note because it is hard to communicate something like that without color.

This and another blue lined page were emailed to Kyle. He will then write me back with either revisions to make or with the green light to bring the page to the final pencils.

Let's see how it goes. Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out to order your My Big Break comics.

Also, the above link is for anyone who may have missed the first "How to Draw Comics the Haldi Way" installment. In that one I went over the thumbnail process. And, yes, we will make page 18 the focus throughout this feature.

Thank you all for supporting My Big Break and Fred the Mustard Packet.

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