Sunday, April 5, 2015

OK..... thanks for the support! Now, let us share something Clawful!

Thank you for the pre-orders! Thank you for the votes!

Now, let us bring the glory home to Phoenix! If you can't pre-order, if you can't vote, I understand. I'm also very appreciative of shares.

So, please, share the link below with the people in your circles.

Comedy + Masters of the Universe + T-Shirts = Rad

Thanks again.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hey! Yeehaw! My Master of the Universe design for the Threadless T-Shirt Contest is in the running!

I did a t-shirt design for a contest hosted by Threadless that's supposed to use characters and concepts from Masters of the Universe. I did a spoof of those cute "I'm Crabby" shirts with a cartoon crab. But, mine has the MOTU villain known as Clawful in it. Clawful was a fun action figure to have. So, judge it, fund it, and that stuff. Thanks for the love and support that you already give me and Fred.

The link is below. Also, I promise to fix the pixel-ish letters in post if this design makes it to print.