Monday, August 4, 2014

Special Edition Cartoon from Guest Artist Samson Fisher!

Samson Fisher submitted this to me, he is the ten year old son of Bob Fisher and Shawna Franks.

I mentioned Bob in Wednesday's cartoon which can be found within the link below.

Samson has a remarkable amount of creativity. Bob said this about his son's creation, "Samson says that Fred is at the News Building, where all the news comes from.  When he pushes the button, random news gets generated."

So, friends, I think a bigger story is in order. I'm very inspired to show some of this random news that Fred is about create.

Also, Bob Fisher is a fantastic improv performer. He's based in Chicago (like many improvisors). When you read that he is in a show... go see it! The same goes for Shawna, but she prefers to have a script.

Good night and good luck.

Wait..... a ten year old has been reading this site.... uh-oh.