Monday, August 25, 2014

Fred the Mustard Packet Took the Time Machine Back to Visit H. P. Lovecraft

This past Wednesday I was at the Trunk Space art gallery here in Phoenix. They had a spectacular show filled with poets, comedy, puppets, and Psycho-Billy Rock!

Ash Naftule, Dain Gore, Ernesto Moncada and....... THE SLOW POISONER!!!

They all performed with many others, it was a real treat.

By the way, Dain Gore has been a guest art on this site and he wrote the foreword to the book. Dain is a sensational painter and puppeteer. He's one of my favorite people. And, The Slow Poisoner is one of my favorite musicians, writers, painters, comic book artists... etc. He's also one of my favorite people.

Check them out on the world wide web.

Thanks for reading and have a terror-iffic day!