Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Special Cartoon from Guest Artist Arturo Ruiz

The past couple weeks have been exciting for us here in Phoenix. We've been seeing multiple days of rain! RAIN!!!!

I know that for those of you who are Portandish, San Francisco Treaty, or Seattlandic the rain is no big deal. For us desert dwellers though, it is amazing when this happens.

So many of our days are clear, clear, clear blue sunny skies. And, approximately eight months of our year is very hot. We are in a desert, so it is normally dry. When the rain comes.... we celebrate. We also forget how to drive, survive, avoid flash floods, and unclog drains. No doubt the sentence that precedes this one is what inspired the above cartoon. My friend, Arturo Ruiz, is the creator of it. He's a very intelligent, thoughtful person. And, when people are stupid, he hates it. Also, Arturo does improv with me in Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth... hey, we are playing tonight at The Trunk Space in Phoenix with our friends Mariachi Kittens. Come see us!

Check out the link below.