Sunday, July 16, 2017

I keep changing the process, and that's a good thing.

Fred the Mustard Packet Spins a Sign is going on strong on Webtoons.

So, I've changed the process of creating Fred comics again. I love this back and forth of experimentation, especially on this story. In the sign spinning story, I wanted to tell a very psychedelic story, like something that would come out in the 1960s, possibly in a weird issue of ZAP.

This story was outlined with the idea in mind that I would not make it into a commodity, that it would be full of experiments. I don't want to have anyone thinking that I'm ditching quality though. With each page and process, I am bringing the best that I can to it. I love Webtoons and I want each page I put up there to be a celebration.

So, the new process in Fred is to create, lettering, panels, and other technical parts of a comic page in vector. Print the panels with letters twice, thus using two sheets of copy paper. I pencil the page on one of the papers. Then I put it on the light board, place the second sheet on top of the penciled sheet and ink while tracing the best parts of the pencils. No erasing necessary, and I'm getting cleaner scans in for coloring! YEEHAW!!!

I love having multiple ways to attack the work of comic book art. I do plan on doing more purely digital pages as things will get more hippy, trippy.

Thank you for your support.

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