Monday, October 14, 2013

Fred the Mustard Packet Pitches an Idea to Rob Liefeld

I've been reading about the formation of Image Comics in the early 1990s. It is absolutely fascinating to read. I was in my early teens and a total comic book fan boy in his heyday and the dawn of Image. Every time I got a dollar, later a dollar twenty-five, I ran to the comic shop to get the next X-Force issue. His work was crazy, interesting, strange, and inspiring. Was it great art? No. Did I love it as a thirteen year old fan boy? Yes. Will Liefeld's work be in museums and galleries? No. Is that the purpose of his work? No. Should he improve? Yes, I'm sure he is improving a little each day. Should he be put to the electric chair for drawing impossible anatomy and a crazy amount of pouches? No, making crazy drawings is not a sin. I'm not going to critcize him. I bought his work and I now draw faces on mustard packets. Save the electric chair for those who make ranch dressing.