Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Draw Comics the Haldi Way- Part 1

Woh! Wednesday went wooshing by without me even noticing!

Well, in between regular pages of the Scottish Play story, I'm going to be posting "How to Draw Comics the Haldi Way" features. And, hey... This is the first one!

I've learned a ton about comics this past year and I'd like to pass some of that on to the world.

Kyle Bennett is mentoring me through the process of illustrating issue 4 of "My Big Break" and he's been sensational so far. Hire him for your art & design needs. Pay him money. Thanks for the hard work that you're doing, Kyle!

That aside, here's how we create an issue of "My Big Break". Philip "Denny from The Room" Haldiman writes an outline of what he wants to cover of his story in the issue. Story beats and a lot of narration are then hammered out in the writing meeting in which Phil writes in the presence of an artist or two.

Then, Kyle and I thumbnail the issue. Each thumbnail is the size of an eighth of a sheet of copy paper and each one represents the layout of a whole page.

I've chosen to have these posts to feature the creation and life of Page 18 of Issue 4 of "My Big Break". I chose this particular page because I believe it has familiar visuals without any spoilers.

Anyway, here is that thumbnail.

It's a quick sketch that gives us an easy way to see the basic layout. Here you see we are planning on this page to have three panels. Kyle and I made notes on it to change the angles a bit, but overall we are happy with how this page will move the story forward. It gives us a sense of where the characters are, what the mood of the page is, and who is in each panel. 

This is just the beginning. On later dates, I'll show the blue lined page, edits, revisions, and the final pencils. WoooooWooooooo! Get on the comic book train! Yeehaw!