Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fred the Mustard Packet Does the Scottish Play- Page 35 + Announcement

Hi, everyone, just letting you all know that Fred is going back to a weekly schedule. The plan is to update every Wednesday. Hey, it's Wednesday right now!

The reason why is that we are in full swing in production of issue 4 of Philip Haldiman's My Big Break. If you don't know, Phil is a friend of mine and he happened to play Denny in the cult, midnight movie classic The Room! Well, we gave issue 3 its debut during the Phoenix Comicon and it proved to be a success, both in sales and in improved quality. With that in mind, we are looking to up the quality even more. Long story longer, I am going to be giving Phil's comic more attention for a while. It has been awesome so far. Kyle Bennett is a master illustrator, graphic designer, and editor. He has done a lot to improve my art game. I hope he is getting at least half as much out of this experience as I am.

Look up both Phil and Kyle, they are both doing fascinating things. And, stay tuned here. Stank you for the support.